Top Ranked Script Writers For 2023

Ranking is calculated using ratings of works and author popularity

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The top five ranked script writers at the end of the year can choose this plaque. They are framed in cherry wood with a high gloss finish and are perfect for mounting. They are customized to highlight your accomplishment.
lyenochka    (6.077)
Spitfire    (5.678)

(+1) #3
judiverse    (5.571)

lancellot    (5.517)

Jasmine Girl    (5.304)

#6 MCLII1987    (5.269)

#7 Bill Schott    (5.212)

#8 Kaiku    (5.163)

#9 Katherine M. (k-11)    (5.109)

#10 country ranch writer    (5.023)

Haiku ('midst miners' relics)
Golden trees in the diggings.