- Resonating Echoesby Mrs. KT
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Mother's Day Site Contest: A legacy of remembrance and love
Resonating Echoes by Mrs. KT
Mother's Day Poetry Contest contest entry
Dedicated to the memory of my mother, Ann R. Kenel: 1923 -2007

Beware of “sunshine friends,” she comforted
          I kissed her cheek through my tears

Learn to “laugh like a lady,” she scolded
          I tried, but I failed, miserably
The best gift you can give someone is a special book, she imparted
          I’ve gifted and received hundreds through the years

Always follow your dreams, she encouraged
          I have…all of them…
He will hurt you, she warned
          I ignored her and walked away
A little bit of makeup goes a long way, she declared
          I rolled my eyes and applied brighter lipstick
Don’t take any “wooden nickels,” she advised
          I ignored her again…

Your stubbornness is going to get you in trouble one day, she admonished
          It has...more than once

When the "right one" comes along, you'll just know, she assured
          He did; forty years later, I still know...

Fold the eggs in gently; don't beat the hell out of them, she laughingly instructed
          I practiced until I learned, and then I practiced more

Once you begin feeding the birds, you must never stop, she cautioned
          I purchased extra seed
Never go to bed angry with one another, she confided
          I smiled, but I didn't roll my eyes or laugh
He’s crying because he’s still hungry, she counseled
          I agreed, so grateful for her knowledgeable presence
Model integrity to your children, and they will become honorable adults, she reassured
          I did, and they have

There should always be room for lilacs in one's garden, she wistfully commented
         I planted three, and then I planted three more...

You'll never have enough time to do all the things you want to do in this life, she murmured 
          I tenderly covered her hand with mine

Promise me you will remember… Promise me you will remember that you were always loved, she whispered
          I kissed her cheek through my tears, one last time…



Author Notes
Please Note: Free Verse - Minimal Punctuation and Format intentional

The plural of echo = echos or echoes.

"Sunshine Friends" are those who, when all is well, are your friends, until a new friend comes along.

"Don't take any wooden nickels" is an Amerian idiom meaning do not be easily duped.


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