- Pet Peeveby gansach
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It's the little things!
Pet Peeve by gansach
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It may be stating the obvious.
I don't want to seem ridiculous
but, now that I'm peeved, I feel I must
be getting it off my chest--I must!
The laundry hamper is feeling bored,
patiently waiting inside the door.
The dirty clothing, and so much more,
is piled there beside it on the floor.
It seems so simple a thing to me--
what the problem is, I just can't see.
How much more difficult could it be
to shift your arm two inches or three
so laundry drops into the basket?
If it were hard, I wouldn't ask it,
but you refuse this easy task--it
will send me early to my casket!
I must pick the laundry off the floor;
extra work for me is such a chore.
My poor knees creak and my back is sore.
Just what is a laundry hamper for?


Author Notes
The laundry ends up all around the hamper and seldom makes it into the basket. I might as well not have one!


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