- On the Bright Sideby Debi Pick Marquette
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Lessons Learned and Spiritual
: On the Bright Side by Debi Pick Marquette
No Rules Poetry Contest contest entry


She's having sad and gloomy days

Seems all she touches sours

Into space her eyes just gaze

As minutes turn to hours

But on the bright side, this will pass

Those feelings big as any mass

Don't underestimate a friend

Who'll be there for you 'till the end

Things were bad at work that week

The duties asked of him would rob

His work ethics had been unique 

But now he'd rather lose his job

 But on the bright side, things work out

It's not worth compromise, no doubt

Your sorrows give to God in prayer

You maybe weren't meant to be there

They called to say your child was hurt

While walking on the school's crosswalks

Your life is on such high alert

Your marriage too was on the rocks

 When things seem to be at their worst

                      Then God and fam'ly should come first                     

Priorities should be your guide

Then you will find your own bright side


Author Notes
I call this my Merry~go~Rhyme Poem because it has two different rhyme patterns to show the emotion of the stanza, as well as color and font.

And although the idea of, "on the bright side" is not original, I have always used it as my motto.


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