- A Little Help, Lordby Paul McFarland
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A short prayer
A Little Help, Lord by Paul McFarland
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They say that faith moves mountains
In the Good Book I have read,
But my faith hasn't worked that well.
We need Your help instead.

It's really not a big deal, Lord,
For You, I understand.
I think if You would intervene,
Things would turn out just grand.

For years I've got down on my knees
And said my daily prayers
And tried not to bedevil You
With our mundane affairs.

We have a little problem
In the good old USA,
But I think, with some help from You,
That things will be okay.

It seems the politicians
That we voted in this year
Are crippling our economy.
Now let me make it clear

That most of them are taking bribes
And doing inside trading.
Democracy and honesty,
In this fair land, are fading.

Republicans and democrats
Are equally to blame
For all the graft and crookedness.
It really is a shame.

I know Your Son is coming, Lord,
And if You would allow
That special day to be moved up,
We really need Him now.



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