- The Monkey's Dilemmaby Paul McFarland
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A problem at the circus.
The Monkey's Dilemma by Paul McFarland
Animal Opinions writing prompt entry

The monkey, in his fragile cage,
Was mightily concerned
About his safety at the circus
Once that he had learned

That next to him, with golden mane,
A lion was encaged.
And it was not unusual
To see this beast enraged.

The monkey was quite worried
That there just might come a day
When mister lion would break loose
And there'd be hell to pay.

And so the monkey hung a placard
Right inside his bars
That said that he was quarantined
And had come down with SARS.

So if the lion did break loose
And sought some place to feed,
Then he'd be safe, but his concern
Was - could the lion read?

Writing Prompt
Write a humorous poem about one animal's opinion of another. Any style, rhyming or free verse welcome.
Have fun!

Author Notes
I'm not too good at quickies, but I thought I'd give this one a try.


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