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Find the two homonyms or homophones in each line

Stood Up

by Debi Pick Marquette

 My little sis would meet this guy in Brant's meat locker plant
The sun was shining bright for sis and their son, David Brant

He offered her a date bar, coffee and asked for a date
That night the knot-head did not show, did not even come late 

I didn't mean to feel so mean, but I'm big brother, Ted
I thought I read between the lines and I was seeing red 

But this week storms made phone lines weak, so I would go see Dave 
And I'd address what she just said, address she never gave 

When I set out to see this guy who lived right by the sea
I'd knock on wood, he would not be, the creep I thought he'd be 

He offered me a can of beer; how can he be a louse
I'd hear him say he tried to call her from here at his house 

That night the sky was so dark blue the treacherous wind blew 
So when storm took his roof he knew he would need all brand new 

We had bologna ring with beer; he tried to ring her phone
I'd bank that she'd be working at the bank, not out alone

So he'd write her a note to send with me to make things right 
This won't weigh on my mind, in her sweet way, she'll see the light 



In my fictional story, there are two homonyms, homophones
or homographs in each rhyming line.

1. meet ~ meat ~ sun ~ son
2. date ~ date ~ knot ~ not
3. mean ~ mean ~ read ~ red
4. week ~ weak ~ address ~ address
5. sea ~ see ~ wood ~ would
6. can ~ can ~ hear ~ here
7. blue ~ blew ~ knew ~ new
8. ring ~ ring ~ bank ~ bank
9. write ~ right ~ weigh ~ way

Homophones are words with the same sound but different in meaning.
Homonyms have the same spelling but different meanings
Homographs are spelled the same but not pronounced the same

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